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At Steripack Ireland we offer a full range of innovative manufacturing solutions to meet your healthcare packaging requirements.

Let’s work together

Our team of packaging experts can provide detailed guidance on the suitability of materials for each sterilisation process together with validations to meet your products' requirements.

We recognise that each and every customer has a unique packaging product need which is why we customise our packaging solutions to suit your individual customer requirements. At Steripack Ireland, we can work with you during all stages from initial concept to delivering the highest-quality packaging product solution to get your products to market fast.

Innovative Healthcare Packaging

We provide a full range of packaging materials and manufactured packaging products including exclusive Sterimed Group porous webs and flexible films, other papers and films, foil, and Tyvek®.
Five rolls of printed and unprinted rollstock, including tyvek, coated papers, film, and foil.

Printed & unprinted rolls

Customisable Printed and unprinted Rolls for auto packing machines.

Three healthcare packaging pouches made from Tyvek and film


Features include breathable and barrier pouches for ETO, steam, and irradiation sterilization with customisable sizes.

Headerbag with printed Tyvek and 100 micron LLDPE


Headerbags offered as alternative to pouches for larger products. Cost-effective for sterilisation with customisable sizes and available with Polybond® reinforced cellulose or Tyvek®

Steripack Vent Bag with Tyvek Patch and Linear Tear

Vent bags

Vent Bags: Flexible bags with 2-4 Tyvek®, Polybond® reinforced cellulose ports for improved aeration and degassing during sterilisation cycles.


Custom-designed lids for individual blister tray needs. Available with exclusive Polybond® CGP reinforced cellulose and Tyvek® materials. Provides sterile barrier solution with easy product access in rigid packs.